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DRS2HEALTH® (Doctors To Health) was founded in 2007 as the Registered Trade mark of Holistic Healthcare & Consultation, LLC, which has been in operation since 2004 and continues to serve today. DRS2HEALTH® is a unique brand in Natural Healthcare.  The brand offers Naturopathic Medical Care in an office setting, Health and Wellness Products in its Natural Pharmacy, a Wellness Retreat & MedSpa in Jamaica and a Well-Being  Magazine, available online and in print. In addition, the brand sponsors two annual wellness showcases; the Healers Gala and a Community Wellness Day.

“We are experienced, compassionate, healers who take time to listen to listen to you. We provide excellent service and superior products. You get results!!”.
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DRS2 HEALTH® Mission & Philosophy

The mission of DRS2 HEALTH® is to first bring healing to the individual; then family, and ultimately the community. We are committed to providing the best care for optimal health and wellness using non-toxic naturopathic modalities. We believe everyone has an innate healing potential and when given the right remedy and the right environment, healing will occur on all three levels; MIND-BODY-SPIRIT.

Foundational Belief: We believe in the sacred value of human life and that all people are created equal.
Core values: Joy in Service to, Effective Stewardship and Respect For All.

Principles of Service: We seek to Nurture the Spirit, provide Excellence in Service, Practice Empathy, Respect Individuality, enable Freedom of Choice, Preserve dignity, Maintain Confidentiality.

Naturopathic Principles

First Do No Harm:
Use of the least invasive diagnostic procedures, treatments and medicinal substances with
minimal risk of harmful side effects.

Physicians assess risk factors, make early interventions, and promote wellness by supporting
patients to create healthy lifestyles.

The Healing Power of Nature:
Naturopathic medicine recognizes and encourages the inherent ordered and intelligent healing
process in each individual.

Treatment of the whole person:
Physicians address the complex interactions of a patient’s physical, emotional, mental,
environmental, genetic, social and spiritual aspects.

Identification and treatment of the causes of disease:
Rather than merely eliminate symptoms, physicians identify and remove underlying causes of illness.

Doctor as Teacher:
The physician educates and develops patient self-responsibility, and the therapeutic potential
of the doctor-patient relationship is valued and cultivated.

Disclaimer: The content of our website is not intended to treat or diagnose diseases but are provided for informational purposes only.  We strongly encourage all persons to see a physician for proper medical diagnosis and treatment.
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